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Antivirus / Malware Scanner

For Websites and Hosting

Scanner AI-Bolit is perhaps the most effective tool for webmasters and website administrators to find viruses, malicious code and hacker's scripts.

  • AI-Bolit

    General version —
    for hosting, Mac OS X or Unix OS

  • Online-scanner

    It detects hidden redirects, viruses and other threats on pages, and complements AI-BOLIT file scanner. It's free!

How it works

1. Website Check

AI-BOLIT scans the website for malware and viruses.

2. Free Report Analysis

You can check out the report by yourself or send us for free expert analysis.

3. Website Protection

If website is clean — protect website from viruses and hacker's attacks.

4. Malware Removal

If website is infected — contact us for professional help. We will remove the malware and protect your website from ever being hacked again.

We will cure your website from viruses and malware, and harden to make it safe and secure.

Contact us on any suspicious activity or upon malware detection.

Discuss it with others

Everyday dozens of webmasters use the scanner to check their websites for viruses and malware, discuss it, send us reports for analysis and gets professional help from us.